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Greentech Advises URBANA on its sale to GETEC
June 30, 2017

Greentech Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the following transaction:
Exclusive financial advisor on its sale to

UndisclosedJune 2017



URBANA Energietechnik AG & Co. KG (URBANA) is a leading energy contracting business developing local and district heating and electricity projects for the German multi-residential market. Thanks to 50+ years in the German multi-residential housing market and a unique understanding of customer’s needs, URBANA is a trusted partner to developers and owners as well as house supervisors and property managers.

URBANA is a nation-wide end-to-end solution provider, delivering the most efficient energy systems using multiple technologies and enabling a renewable, economical and decentralized energy solution for multi-residential districts. URBANA is a technology-independent provider using CHP, solar PV, solar thermal and thermal heat pumps for its energy systems.

URBANA offers complete in-house development, financing and O&M of energy systems. Moreover, it also provides energy optimization and energy efficiency consulting services for owned and thirdparty systems, and acts as an independent energy trader in the gas and electricity wholesale markets.

Together with KALORIMETA AG & CO. KG, KeepFocus Europa GmbH & Co. KG and Qundis GmbH, URBANA is part of the Hamburg-based group, KALO. The Group offers networked infrastructure and services for consumption-based measurement, data analysis, and billing of heating and operating costs, as well as clima-intelligent applications for the residential and commercial real estate sector.

** Mandated through Nomura Greentech Capital Advisors, AG (formerly known as Greentech Capital Advisors, AG)


  • URBANA owns a portfolio of high-quality heating and electricity projects that deliver robust and visible long-term contracted revenue and gross margins.
  • From the headquarters in Hamburg, URBANA controls the supply of 100,000 apartments as well as 600 municipal and commercial properties.
  • With about 1,150 heating and cogeneration plants, URBANA provides a thermal connection of more than 708 MW.
  • URBANA invoices approximately 20,000 units on an annual basis, of which approximately 13,500 system invoices to house connections (B2B) and approximately 6,500 invoices to end-customers (B2C).
  • The company generates sales of approximately € 65 million.
  • The sale of URBANA is an additional step for KALO towards transforming its business to offer digital solutions and to position itself to better serve a changing market with state-of-the-art wireless device infrastructure, data security, data integrity and flexibility.

Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt, Chairman at KALO and Chairman of URBANA Management Board, commented, “The sale of the contracting business and of the project portfolio is a logical step towards KALO’s digital transformation strategy in order to make real estate data more user-friendly for our customers. We have strengthened our position as a leading partner of our customer for the climate-intelligent steering of real estate. We found in GETEC the ideal new owner of URBANA, able to fully appreciate URBANA’s unique competencies in operating decentralized energy systems.”


For additional information about this transaction, please contact:

Damien Sauer
+41 44 578 39 14

Enrico Zini
Vice President
+41 44 578 39 43

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