GCA Sustainable Growth Fund

We invest in the public equities of companies in
developed markets that are providing goods and
services supporting a more sustainable, lower
carbon economy.

We believe existing incumbents focused on sustainability are best positioned to deliver superior shareholder value. We differentiate ourselves by our deep sector experience and our value chain approach to idea generation. By having a comprehensive understanding of the supply chains across our core focus sectors we are able to identify investment opportunities with significant upside potential expressed in a concentrated yet diversified portfolio.


Our investment universe is derived based on a fundamental view of how the world is changing:

Forces Driving Sustainability

  • Evolving Economics Driving a Shift Towards Renewables
  • Increased Focus on Climate Change
  • Mandates for Lower Transportation Emissions
  • Rising Populations and Consumer Incomes
  • Water Scarcity and Quality Concerns
  • Need for Grid and Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Rise in Sustainability Focused Consumers

Sub-Sector Focus

Agriculture & Consumer

Power/Energy Infrastructure

Air & Environment

Advanced Mobility

Energy & Industrial Services

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy


We are long-term investors and our investment decisions are based upon a superior depth of knowledge in the sectors we cover, as well as sound financial and cash flow analysis to assess valuation. Our best performing ideas are value stocks with a catalyst, but we maintain flexibility and are willing to be early if necessary.

We seek to understand markets and opportunities ahead of our investment peers, and our public investing experience in Sustainable Infrastructure since the mid-1990s establishes our long-term commitment to the sector. We apply rigorous financial modeling and a forward-thinking methodology to find the best investment opportunities that we believe will provide our partners with superior risk-adjusted returns, alongside meaningful environmental and social impact.