Case Studies

ENGIE’s Acquisition of Green Charge Networks


  • On May 10, 2016, ENGIE’s North American business unit
    announced its acquisition of an 80 percent stake in Green
    Charge Networks, LLC (“Green Charge”)


  • ENGIE is a global utility and independent power producer
    with operations in 70+ countries employing 150,000+
    people and generating $77 billion in revenue in 2015
  • ENGIE provides individuals, cities and businesses with
    highly efficient and innovative solutions largely based on
    its expertise in four key sectors: renewable energy, energy
    efficiency, liquefied natural gas and digital technology
  • ENGIE develops its businesses (power, natural gas, energy
    services) utilizing a responsible growth model to address
    the challenges in transitioning to a low-carbon economy



  • Green Charge, with offices in Santa Clara, New York
    and San Diego, has developed a portfolio of 48 MWh
    of battery storage projects either deployed or under
    construction across more than 150 sites
  • Utilizing its advanced, patented software algorithms and
    analytics, Green Charge deploys, owns, operates, and
    optimizes battery systems at commercial and industrial
    (C&I) and public sector customer sites in the U.S.
  • To date, the company has helped customers reduce their
    electricity bills up to 30% while leveraging the installed
    base to provide ancillary services to the grid
  • Green Charge will benefit from the support of a larger
    family of ENGIE businesses in North America


  • GCA served as an exclusive financial and
    strategic advisor to ENGIE and was closely
    involved in all aspects of the transaction,
    including structuring, valuation, due
    diligence and negotiation
  • Acquisition of Green Charge was part of
    the overall strategy set forth by ENGIE in
    2014 to build an integrated energy services
    platform in North America targeting C&I
    and public sector clients, with GCA serving
    as an advisor on executing this strategy
  • Three recent ENGIE acquisitions – Ecova,
    OpTerra and now Green Charge – are
    fundamentally different businesses but
    equally important to a bundled service
    offering of energy management & efficiency
    as well as distributed energy technologies,
    and provide ENGIE with enhanced access
    to a C&I customer base and valuable data
    around C&I energy use patterns
  • GCA’s deep industry knowledge and
    extensive transaction experience allowed
    ENGIE to negotiate a complex deal structure
    and achieve advantageous deal terms


  • The transaction represents the first
    large-scale entry of a European utility into
    the U.S. energy storage market, and
    confirms said market is poised for tremendous
    growth over the next few years
  • Green Charge will benefit from ENGIE’s
    international capabilities and strong
    balance sheet to help execute on C&I
    asset roll-outs